Watch Jayda G and Ruby Savage in conversation about uplifting the music industry and playing Shoulder To Shoulder

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Jayda G and Ruby Savage have plenty of tales from their times playing together in the booth, from soundtracking New Year’s Eve parties to recently taking charge of the headline set at Monkey Shoulder and Mixmag’s house party in Leeds.

The house party concept was curated in an effort to showcase talented young DJs paired with established trailblazers, playing back-to-back, Shoulder To Shoulder, giving them a much-deserved platform to energise the experience. By doing so, we hope to rewrite the night and provide an essential boost to the music scene by supporting new artists and new ideas that will push things forward. Teaming up with Monkey Shoulder, the 100% malt whisky made for mixing, we’re creating a movement to uplift the industry together – and throw the ultimate house parties.

Ahead of the ecstastic set in Leeds, we caught up with Jayda G and Ruby Savage to talk about how the dance music community can work together, Shoulder To Shoulder, and make positive changes in the nightlife industry.

They spoke about the delight that supporting peers and playing together brings. “Personally I love playing Shoulder To Shoulder with you [Ruby] because it is genuinely so much fun,” said Jayda. “I’m always laughing when we’re DJing together or when we’re just together in general.”

The pair shine pure joy throughout their conversation as the laughing never ends. When asked about who has supported them in their music journeys, Ruby instantly says Jayda. “I’ve got to shout you out because of the way you’ve supported me,” Ruby says. “You were like, ‘Nah, Ruby, we’ve got to get more Black women playing Black disco’ and I was like, ‘yes!’”

Ruby adds further in the conversation her thoughts on inclusivity in the dance music scene explaining: “To promote inclusivity it really is just about making space for emerging talent of underrepresented communities.”

Watch Jayda G and Ruby Savage go Shoulder To Shoulder in conversation below.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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