Two people arrested following 400-strong rave in Wiltshire

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Two people were arrested following an illegal rave in Wiltshire at the weekend — reportedly attended by around 400 people.

Officers were called to a site in Teffont, Salisbury on Saturday evening (September 30), to find around 250 vehicles at the site —forcing them to close a number of roads in the area to stop more cars making their way towards the rave.

Two people in their 30s were arrested at the scene, with one under suspicion of criminal damage and possesion of class A drugs and the other under suspicion of theft.

The former has been released on bail whereas the later is scheduled to appear in front of the Salisbury Magistrates’ Court tomorrow (October 3).

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Police say they were there for over 12 hours, with the up to 200 people still partying despite the group being served a Section 63 order directing them to leave the site.

Bournemouth’s National Police Air Service assisted operations, circling Teffont and the A36 to alert officers if anyone was trying to enter the vicinity.

On its official Facebook page, Salisbury police announced that Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Mant is concerned about the impact that the rave has had on the local community. What that concerning impact is exactly has yet to be disclosed by the Chief Superintendent, with the officer more concerned with reassuring locals that the situation is under control.

This isn’t the first time this year that police have intervened at an illegal rave in Wiltshire, with an even larger gathering taking place in March within Grovely Wood in Great Wishford.

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Another incident took place in June, which resulted in a DJ being arrested for throwing keys to a police van in protest.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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