TIBASKO’s ‘Still Rushing’ remixed by Chicago’s Azzecca

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Azzecca has shared a remix of Tibasko’s ‘Still Rushing’, with the record dropping on Another Rhythm this week.

The original cut from the duo is a euphoric anthem, with drum ‘n’ bass and jungle infusions throughout, overlayed by pitched up vocals from Julia Church.

Azzecca’s rework turns up the speed and energy, with notable house kicks and hi-hat stabs replacing the original drumbeats. There’s a helping of bass riff arps and acid tinges charging the record towards its end, embodying the Chicago-based producer’s motivation to create a pumping prime-time track for her DJ sets.

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“I knew I wanted to make something big and slamming that I could play in my own sets, so went down more of a straight techno route than my latest releases,” Azzecca explains.

“I started by pitching the vocal down a bit to match the original vocals from Julia Church. The acid line was made on the Novation Summit (with a lot of distortion!). I love using hardware synths, tweaking the filters etc live feels much more involved and hands on for me.”

“We’ve been big fans of what Azzecca has been putting out so we’re incredibly excited to have her put her own spin on our track ‘Still Rushing’ from our self-titled EP,” Tibasko explain. “She’s an incredibly talented producer and we cannot wait to see her do some damage this year! One of our favourite things about this remix is the relentless bass synth that drives throughout the track – it really adds a ton of energy to the dancefloor.”

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The original cut dropped in July last year, forming one half of TIBASKO’s self-titled debut EP, branded one of Mixmag’s best albums and EPs of the year 2022.

You can check out ‘Still Rushing (Azzecca remix)’ now, do so here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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