The pleasure of sharing: Coffintexts’ off-kilter productions explore the sensual depths of bass and techno

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What do you think about the European “Latin explosion”… do you see it as a good thing? Do you think there should be more education on the origins of Latin genres beyond the US?

I think it’s cool and heartwarming to see someone who is seemingly so different, enjoy something so close to me. Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt to expose and educate people on a little latin flavour and outlook on life. When I’m in Peru with my family, there’s always music thumping and it’s very joyous and celebratory. Everybody lets loose and enjoys each other’s company, singing and dancing together. It’s about celebrating life, each other, and embracing this time we have now together.

How does it feel for there to be such a global spotlight on Miami from the underground right now?

It feels weird and it’s also really cool. I feel like a lot of my peers and I have been at it for a while, so it’s kind of putting the work we’ve put in into perspective. It’s very nice for people to be interested in what we’ve got going on here. It’s a sweet pocket that’s for sure, and my favorite part is remembering that this is just the beginning of something we can grow together. Creating a sustainable community takes dedicated individuals, a lasting appreciation for music and some time — and given that Miami is a relatively young city, we’re onto something special.

What do you hope listeners take from ‘Touch’? How would you like it to make them feel?

As per usual, I enjoy going for the sexy, sensual feels one way or another… but this time I approached the project with a hypnotic, danc-ey feel. I try to show different styles and variations within each project I put out

The record was the first on new Local Action sister-label, Clasico, how was it to launch the EP alongside the team launching the label?

I can’t say thank you enough to Eleanor and Tom! It was such a breeze to do this together, and I’m so honoured that they reached out to me so early in their label’s journey. Their drive and excitement was very motivating, and it’s been very heartwarming to receive such consistent support on the release already — because I am very pleased with it sonically.

What is your biggest musical ethos?

Sharing music, and always finding a way to bring people together. Most importantly when I’m playing live, I want to make it about the audience and not so much about me. I’m always having a nice time though, and it’s a pleasure to share music.

What is coming up next for you?

Luckily for me, I’ve got my hands full with a little bit of everything. Just got to make sure I take the appropriate time to care for my wellbeing as I have a few different DJ mixes scheduled for release soon, some joint projects getting close to completion, solo projects, a few fun remixes. A lot of traveling too – working on finalising my debut in Europe in just a few more months!

Can let us know a little bit about this mix?

For this mix, I played some pleasant music that I’ve been listening to in my spare time recently. Of course I snuck in a couple unreleased tracks. I would usually listen to these when I’m stuck in traffic, because it eases my mind, and makes me feel good.

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Jonny From Space ‘Unreleased’
Danny Daze & Matches ‘If This’
SYZ ‘Botanic Receptors’ (Henry Greenleaf Reflex)
DJ Kemit & Luke Austin present The Lounge Lizards ‘Intro To Dance’
ronan ‘Sea Cave’
Mauricio, The Invisible ‘Unreleased’
Fasme ‘Sweet Flux’
Duke Hugh ‘Nighthawks’
Luis Radio & Pietro Nicosia ‘Barbosa’ (Original Mix)
Maruwa ‘Midnight Caller’
Baldo ‘1998’ (Liquid Earth Mix)
Ronan & Teleself ‘Ocular Reflex’
Lisene ‘Moral Panic’
LWS ‘Chug Sequence’
ronan ‘Crystal Viewer’
Jeku ‘Aftermath’
Al Wootton ‘JL’ (Priori Sharp Tool Mix)
Guava ft. Alex Blake ‘In Cloud’
Born in ’92 ‘Tepehuan’
ELEANOR ‘Thin End of The Wedge’
INVT & Coffintexts ‘Unreleased’
Coffintexts ‘Ur Body So Smooth’
Nick León ‘Love Potion’
Satoshi Tomiie ‘Coincidence’
Coffintexts ‘BASIC BEAT XX’
Coffintexts ‘Bungalow’
Sister System ‘Feel It In The Heat’

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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