The Cope release “Oíche / Back On My Bullshit” and its artistic accompanying short film

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Irish duo The Cope have shared their latest release, ‘Oíche / Back On My Bullshit’, and its accompanying short film, a celebration of dichotomy and diversity.

Now based between Dublin and Berlin, the record aims to illuminate the duo’s creative desire to connect human emotion to their musical and visual outputs. With ‘Oíche’ already released, the visualiser sees its four-minute timespan spiralling into the newly shared ‘Back On My Bullshit’ in the 10-minute long film.

‘Back On My Bullshit’ is a floor-filling, energetic cut, shifting in tone from The Cope’s previous releases. Full of playfulness and sentiment, Joe of the duo expands on the song’s premise: “‘Back On My Bullshit; is a journey towards individual empowerment. Drawing inspiration from the feelings and impulses that follow on from a toxic situationship breaking down, the track casts off the emotions of sadness and salutes the potential routes back to happiness.

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“Will a fleeting, fiery return to your ex for temporary bliss solve anything? Or is contentment better found in collective acts of joy and harmony with friends and like-minded revellers?”

The film – directed by David from the duo – journeys across the two tracks, in turn following contemporary dancer James Vu Anh Pham as protagonist, negotiating from a place of solemnness to a more energetic form.

“We wanted the visual to be in step with the themes of the track,” explains David. “For me, the track called back to the bombastic nature of 90s music videos. It’s a story of liberation and celebration, embracing yourself in the biggest way possible. Our star James Vu Anh Pham perfectly embodied the spirit of ‘Back On My Bullshit’, and along with the rest of the incredible ensemble of dancers showcases the beauty and power of self-love”.

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The short film was shot in KMSKA (Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp), and you can check it out below:

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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