Tentendo and Annalisa Fernandez team up for disco-infused ‘Morning Light’ EP

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Melbourne’s Tentendo has teamed up with vocalist Annalisa Fernandez to share new collaborative EP ‘Morning Light’.

A record primed for summertime groove, the partners draw upon nostalgic disco and house soundscapes with blends of garage and R&B influence.

It builds upon Tentendo’s discography – which boasts funky basslines and shuffling grooves to channel his distinctive take on house music – with a desire to “transport positivity from the studio to the dancefloor.”

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“The EP feels very warm and fun,” he says on the record. “If I saw this EP as a colour, it would be sunset orange. We want to uplift people, we want people to dance, have fun and be free. Even if we wrote these songs from our own experiences and ideas, we want people to connect to the record in their own way. Music connects us all and there’s no one way to interpret it.”

“I also wanted to experiment with the tone of my voice for this project, going for a softer and sweeter sound,” adds Fernandez. “It’s been so wonderful to have this record together and to collaborate with the love of my life; it feels really special.”

All tracks are embedded with her dreamy vocals, with the composition of opener ‘Find My Way’ setting the tone by combining groove-laden drums and bassline with soulful elements before ‘Morning Light’ adopts a disco approach.

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Both cuts – emphasised as being inspired by disco and Motown music – have an emphasis on live instrumentation, marking a new chapter in Tentendo’s production timeline.

‘Shining’ dotes upon strings and woodwind, with harmonic, thick vocals from Fernandez once more, before closer ‘Give It Up’ takes a more minimal approach with inspiration drawn from garage sounds.

‘Morning Light’ EP is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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