Tech Support shares 40 unreleased tracks in surprise Bandcamp drop

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Tech Support has released 40 new tracks in a surprise EP on Bandcamp, described as a decision made “on a whim”.

It contains unreleased songs from 2016 through to 2022, and can be bought for £5 now.

Upon sharing the news on Instagram this week, his listeners flooded to welcome the new music, describing him as a “tune factory” and admiring his “incredible work ethic”.

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“I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut creatively over the last year or so, and have been sitting on maybe 100 half baked demos that I wasn’t finishing and didn’t really know what to do with,” the producer told Mixmag. “Shopping around for different labels to do EPs, wait a year for release, and then wait another year to get paid just seemed like I would never get them heard quick enough. I thought it would be an interesting take to create a giant EP structured like a three/four tracker, but tenfold.”

The process of compiling the EP, he found, was cathartic personally too; it allowed him to recognise his sound and strengths in his writing capabilities.

“I don’t tend to stick to one genre so it can create a bit of an identity crisis every now and again but doing something like this showed me that I do really have a ‘style’ – even if it jumps across lots of different genres,” he continued. “I think naturally as producers you make lots of different music which doesn’t necessarily fit within the style you are looking to promote, and I often listen to the more oddball ones just for my own enjoyment, only to end up releasing my more straight up club records while the others sit on my hard drive collecting dust. This felt like the perfect way to get them out without doing an album or something similarly tedious & long winded.”

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If you’re intimidated at the prospect of diving headfirst into 40 tunes, Tech Support recommended ‘Third Sketch Cycle’ as one to explore, naming it as his favourite on the record: “I’ve recently got new hardware which has made making the more ambient stuff so much more natural to make,” he explained. “DAWs are great for knocking out club bangers but I needed something tangible to not overdo the song; doing it on a DAW gets so boring you end up just adding too much. I did a one take recording on my Model Cycles and just enjoyed it too much to add anything else.”

“I get worried about not releasing music consistently so at least if I don’t make any more music for a year I can still say I put out 40 tunes in 2023!” he joked.

You can check out the ‘2016 – 2022’ EP now on Bandcamp. You can also check out clips from each track here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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