Synth-Werk releases two new Moog modular synthesiser clones

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Synth-Werk, a Munich-based synthesiser company has released two clones of Moog’s classic 1P and 2P modular systems.

Originally released in 1969, the Moog Model 1P and Moog Model 2P were two of the first commercially available synthesisers, and were much loved for their sound.

Synth-Werk’s recreations, called the SW 1P-2022 and the SW 2P-2022, aim to be faithful recreations of the original designs, using a mixture of vintage and new components, with the SW 1P-2022 costing €13,700 (roughly £12,000) and the SW 2P-2022 €13,900 (£12,200).

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They will also be built by hand using the same wiring methods and techniques as Moog in the 1960s.

While the designs are mostly the same as the originals, some minor changes made to the internal component layouts in order to improve the stability of the synthesisers, with early versions occasionally having issues with falling out of tune as they warmed up.

The SW 1P-2022 comes the form of two cabinets and a separate keyboard controller, with the first cabinet containing three oscillators, filters, a random noise generator and reverb. The second has VCAs, attenuators and envelope generators, as well as a newly-added sequencer.

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On the other hand, the SW 2P-2022 follows a similar layout, but does not contain the sequencer. Based on the larger Model 2P, the layout has five oscillators, a high-pass filter, a random noise generator and adds high and low pass filters to the second cabinet.

As modular systems, both systems are customisable to desired specifications upon ordering from Synth-Werk.

Last month (December 2022), Moog announced the death of the co-inventor of the original Moog synthesiser, Herbert A. Deutsch. He worked with Bob Moog on the company’s very first synthesiser in 1964, passing away at the age of 90.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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