Sama’ Abdulhadi launches new platform for underground music, Resilience

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Palestinian DJ and music producer Sama’ Abdulhadi is launching a new underground music platform, Resilience, with two free-to-attend fundraising events taking place in Beirut this month.

For the opening night on Saturday April 29, Abdulhadi is bringing techno pioneer Richie Hawtin to the city for the first time since 2017. She will then be on the decks all-night-long the following evening, April 30.

This opening event is funded by Bring Back Beirut, a fundraiser previously supported by Abdulhadi, which began in the capital in early 2022 at The Ballroom Blitz when she played a spontaneous all-nighter with local artists.

Speaking about the platform, she said: “Resilience is about finding the strength within ourselves to keep going, even when everything around us seems to be falling apart. It’s about having hope in the midst of despair and finding joy in the small things that bring us comfort and peace.”

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In her latest Instagram post, she added: “Resilience is a global platform established for artists and creatives to share their stories and art that depict experiences of marginalisation, displacement and oppression. The platform aims to create a space for expression and advocacy, where artists can tell their stories and amplify the voices of individuals and communities often ignored in mainstream narrative.”

“To everyone out there, let’s come together and support the people of Beirut during this difficult time. We want to create a space where people can come together, forget their troubles and just dance, give back to the community and show them that even in the darkest times, there is still hope and joy to be found. Your contribution, big or small, will make a difference to make this happen.”

Though the capital, Beirut, has suffered long instability, it was once hailed as a beacon of peace and progressivism in the region.

“For the people in The Middle East region, resilience is a necessity. We have lived through war, displacement, and corruption . We have been pushed to our limits, but refuse to give up. We are fighting for a better future for ourselves,” said Abdulhadi.

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You can find full details on how to attend Resilience in Beirut here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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