Robert and Lyric Hood share latest Floorplan EP, ‘We Give Thee Honor / Makes Me Wanna’

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Floorplan have released their third EP for Classic Music Company, ‘We Give Thee Honor / Makes Me Wanna’.

The two-tracker is packed full of soulful house, seeing Robert and Lyric Hood return to their gospel and dancefloor roots.

Opener ‘We Give Thee Honor’ was first teased during the pair’s set at Nuits Sonores festival in Lyon, catching the attention of Classic Music Company‘s boss Luke Solomun and ultimately resulting in the EP release. The pumping cut juxtaposes syncopated organ hits with an energetic vocal loop and spontaneous gospel interjections, creating what is dubbed as the energy of worship in “full flow”.

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‘Makes Me Wanna’ follows the opener, taking a more minimal angle to the production by employing a chugging bassline and euphoric choral vocals. Still driving and energetic, each tracks’ use of feminine and powerful vocals honour Floorplan’s continual spiritual influences.

“We are honoured to do another EP with Classic,” explain the duo. “We wanted to show our gospel and dancefloor roots with ‘We Give Thee Honor’ and ‘Makes Me Wanna’. ‘We Give Thee Honor’ will take you to church while ‘Makes Me Wanna’ will make you want to get on the dancefloor. We want you to feel the vibrations of our souls through this EP.”

The EP marks another chapter in Floorplan’s flourishing relationship with the London imprint, following previous releases ‘Right There / Holy Ghost’ and ‘Get My Mansion Ready’ on the label.

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Floorplan’s latest EP, ‘We Give Thee Honor / Makes Me Wanna’ is available now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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