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Since it was established 17 years ago, Danish manufacturer AIAIAI has built a reputation for creating cutting edge of audio gear for music producers, sound technicians, DJs, podcasters and every day listeners. This is never more apparent than in Its production-focused wireless headphone range – the first to introduce such an offering – which incorporates W+ Link technology alongside bluetooth, for crisp and accurate playback.

Enter AIAIAI’s TMA-2 DJ XEs. Launched last month, and weighing in at a meagre 168g, these lightweight modular headphones are designed with bio-diaphragm drivers and have been engineered to minimise audio distortion at high levels to ensure the relayed sound is balanced and well-rounded. Though these headphones have been created with DJs in mind – who are regularly performing near booming rig set ups – their high quality audio deliverance means they are just as useful for embarking on music creation in the studio.

Setting up the headphones is a remarkably pleasant and straightforward experience. Each component comes individually packaged in 100% recyclable materials, with the instructions written clearly on the box’s inner layer, and the device’s manual can be accessed via the accompanying QR code.

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The impressive modular design sees the speaker units slot easily and securely into the vegan-leather ear cushions. The short wires attached to the polycarbonate headband use the same cable lock design as the headsets main wires, preventing any annoying slippages during high energy performances. These connect to the ear pieces, which can be moved upwards or downwards for a personalised fit. In addition to these securing features, the angled end of the main wires prevent them from being accidentally pulled out of the mixer, arriving pre-attached with a 6.3mm ( ¼ ) screw in adapter.

Though extremely lightweight and nimble, I think a foldable headband would have been a really nice touch for on the go DJs and musical creatives as it would make transporting this unit a tad easier. As the box does not come with a case of any kind, you’d be forced to either wear these, hold these or shove them in a bag with your other things if you want to bring them out.

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Nevertheless, what these headphones may ever-so-slightly lack in functionality, it makes up for in sound quality; I tested these headphones with a solid range of audiophile-loving genres like experimental jazz, ambience and psychedelic folk-rock before moving onto electronic music and found each layer, instrument and production effect to be crisp and defined.

After having a mix with them, I noticed that these headphones are designed with slightly more emphasis on the mid-ranges and treble in comparison to other models like their TMA 2 Studio XE. I found this slight adjustment made the headphones perfect for ensuring smooth, euphonic mixing when introducing a new track.

Get your hands on the TMA-2 DJ XE headphones here

Tiffanie Ibe is Mixmag’s Digital Intern, follow her on Instagram

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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