​Record store arm of Kyiv nightclub Closer to cease operation

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Closer Record Store, the record shop housed inside Kyiv’s iconic long-running nightclub Closer, is closing down.

The news of its closure came via the store’s Telegram channel on Friday, January 27, announcing that it would cease operation in the imminent future with further details to come.

First launched in 2015 by resident DJs Shakolin and Gapom, Closer Record Store has become a large arm of the Kyiv club over the past seven years.

“This is the last post from the Closer Record Store page, so it can be considered a farewell,” reads an initial Instagram post from the store on Friday.

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“Yep, our store is closing. Of course, we are a little sad, but at the same time, we ask you not to mind anyone, because changes are a sign of life.”

A full statement about the store’s closure went out across Telegram citing the owner’s urge to “move on”, and their decision to “seek change”.

“In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a very important meditation ritual, or sacred rite—the process of creating a mandala,” reads the statement. Mandala is a complex geometric symbol, which is interpreted as a model of the universe, a map of the cosmos, a reflection of everything.”

They added: “It’s so sacred that even its creation is considered a fully-fledged object of worship. According to the scheme of mandalas, Hindu temples and Vedic altars are built, and their images are also used for initiation into Buddhist monks.

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“How does this all relate to the closing of the Closer Record Store? It’s very simple: one of the key processes in the creation of a mandala is its destruction,” the statement reads.

“As much unfortunately as fortunately, I made my mandala called Closer Record Store, and I decided to finish it because I want to move on.”

Closer Record Store will continue to open each day from 2:PM until 6:PM, according to the store, until news of its closure date is announced. “Later we will make a separate announcement about the final sale and the work schedule until closing,” reads the statement.

The record store added that a new shop “could open at this location”, which is currently inside the Kyiv nightclub, but “that’s a different story”. Keep up to date with the final happenings from Closer Record Store here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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