questi?onmarq launches label Vortex Imprint, shares V/A

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quest?onmarq has launched their new net label, Vortex Imprint.

Intended to be a division of the DJ and producer’s platform Spiraling – which hosts events, audiovisual mixes and more – Vortex Imprint places emphasis on community, and the role of unity within communities.

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Its purpose is to nurture developing talent whilst also pulling in more established creators from around the world to showcase.

“Much like illustrating a spiral, there is a point of focus where it all begins,” explains founder quest?onmarq. “At the centre of Vortex Imprint is community and moreso the function of unity within it. As my career grants me sacred exchanges in engaging creators and music lovers all over the world, both online and on the dancefloor, in a way I began to hear the call to start a label as clear as a metronome and tempo speak to me. I’ve experimented with getting my favourite music makers and selectors heard through radio and curating (as Spiraling) in the past but, launching a label was quite spontaneous and is owed to the mutual trust and relationships I have with the folks featured.

“The ethos behind Vortex Imprint is inspired by grassroots networking, my journey carving a niche as a DIY independent artist, enjoying tracks passed to me between DMs from seasoned producers and DAW dabbling newcomers alike. Personally, it’s also course correction on some sour label experiences in my past. Focused on quality, intentional tracks as electronic music continues to soar in favour by creators and fans alike. It’s a place we can all expand… together!”

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Accompanying the label announcement is the forthcoming V/A ‘Ascent’. Set for release on July 29, there will be a launch party a day prior on July 28 at Bossa Nova Civic Club with tickets available here.

Names on the V/A include labelfounder quest?onmarq, but also El Blanco Niño, Tony Gallardo, DULLAFTRUSE, Born in Flamez, Riy and XTY.

You can stay updated with forthcoming endeavours of Vortex Imprint here and pre-order the forthcoming V/A – with lead track ‘Anger Is A Gift’ available now – here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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