​Protest rave against Berlin’s controversial A100 motorway expansion to take place next month

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Berlin’s club community are coming together on September 2, 2023 — to host a rave protest against the planned 17th stage of the controversial A100 motorway.

BI-A100, a group set up to boycott the next stage of motorway development in Berlin which currently threatens to wipe out iconic clubs including ://about blank, Club OST, and Wilde Renate, announced the protest last week.

“On Saturday, September 2, 2023, we declare the Markgrafendamm between Elsenbrücke to Ostkreuz a motorway-free zone,” reads a statement from BI-A100 and Berlin’s Clubcommission, who are also involved in the planned protest.

“As a civil society alliance of neighbourhood residents, climate activists and clubbers, we turn up the bass and invite you to a protest rave against the A100.”

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Both groups are urging Berlin’s club community to join the protest on September 2 against the forthcoming developments, which will wipe out 21 cultural institutions across the city including cinemas, clubs, and bars, the Clubcommission have said.

Speaking to Mixmag in May, the Berlin Clubcommission’s Lutz Leichsenring explained that the motorway extension – the Bundesautobahn 100 – looks to run through nightlife areas in Mitte, Charlottenburg, Tempelhof and Neukölln.

“In total, there are about 21 cultural venues that are in the area of this continuous autobahn construction, which is extremely threatening,” Leichsenring told Mixmag.

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“On the other hand, if they do decide not to build the autobahn, there is also a threat because the real estate value will rise and landlords might aim for more profitable real estate, such as residential or office buildings. So in any case, if they build it or not, we need to have a plan or vision for this area.”

The A100 developments are currently in the 16th stage of construction, which has been underway since 2013 and is due to cost around €700 million when finalised. The 17th stage is on track to be given the green light within months, and would also threaten local housing in the areas affected.

Find out more about the protest rave set up by BI-A100 and the Berlin Clubcommission here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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