One House shares new manifesto to help “transform the creative industries”

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Artist developer One House has announced “groundbreaking plans” to help those trying to navigate the music industry, basing its plans off the company’s success in aiding Kevin Saunderson and his Inner City project to leave contracts deemed “unfair and archaic” which ceased him of control over his music.

Having launched in 2015, it has worked with names including Eliza Rose, Folamour, Yung Singh and SHERELLE to guide them through their career, with the company supporting the launch of SHERELLE’S platform existing to cultivate new music and scenes within the Black and LGBTQ+ communites, ‘Beautiful’.

“One House has built on my career by allowing me to constantly have the ability to collaborate with my team in a really organic way,” she explains. “I really enjoyed all of the amazing things I’ve been able to achieve this year.”

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In its new manifesto, One House proposes to lead a “paradigm shift” across the creative realm, putting the power into artists’ hands inspired by their experience with Saunderson’s contract.

“Everything we do at One House has to be driven by our mission: ‘To make a better world for creators’,” explains CEO Napper Tandy, who was heavily involved in advocating for Saunderson. “Gen Z creators, artists and audiences are more and more motivated by independence and entrepreneurship, authenticity and open mindedness. Today, access to creation tools and social creator platforms has democratised the ability to create and release music.

“The music industry is now community driven, rather than relying on large top-down marketing campaigns and artists need a new kind of engine to help them build their community and stand out in an increasingly populated creator-scape.”

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Artists who work with One House are now promised the following: earn 300% more than through a traditional label, support to develop and own Intellectual Property across music, video, social media and more within one ecosystem and greater creative control plus ways to earn. The company claims that these implementations were proven through guiding Eliza Rose to UK number one with B.O.T.A which they hope to continue.

With a keen focus on empowering young artists to own their creative businesses and build platforms that permit more access to the industry for other artists – especially for those from marginalised communities – One House made their new manifesto available this week. You can find out all information here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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