​Ohio man has been listening to ‘Move Your Body’ by Marshall Jefferson on repeat for a month

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A man in Lima, Ohio, has been blasting ‘Move Your Body’ by Marshall Jefferson on repeat at home every day for over a month, an irritated neighbour reports.

The man’s neighbour, who goes by the username @angels_fall81 on TikTok, has been posting daily updates on the platform since the beginning of June explaining that the issue had already been going on for weeks.

“How many of you guys have a neighbour who plays the same song over and over and over 24/7 and won’t stop?” he asked earlier this month in a TikTok video. “How many of you have this problem? What do I do about it?”

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The TikTok user filmed the house in question where ‘Move Your Body’ can be heard playing loudly from across the street, with a sign reading: ‘Beware, I play my music loud’, and implored his followers to help.

“The police won’t do anything, nothing! They can’t do anything because they don’t got a warrant. What do I do guys?” he asked. “The police have been there over and over and over and over…. the dude won’t answer.”

Since posting the initial video, @angels_fall81 has been updating his followers on the progress. In the next video, he explained: “Update! Still the same song.”

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On June 11, the TikTok user told his followers: “Day 25. Lima Police won’t do anything about it,” alongside another video of the house blasting ‘Move Your Body’.

“It’s been hours now. Still the same song,” he said. “Playing over and over… the cops already came, they knocked on his doors, knocked on his windows, and left,” he said.

The next day, the house was filmed playing a new song on repeat but quickly returned to playing ‘Move Your Body’ within a few hours. “Just when you thought it was over,” reads the caption of a video from @angels_fall81.

In a recent update, @angels_fall81 shared another video of Lima Police walking away from the man’s house where they’d managed to shut off the music. “God bless you guys!” he can be heard telling the police.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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