Notting Hill Carnival to feature Windrush-themed double decker bus

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A specially designed, zero-emission double decker bus will feature as part of the TFL float during the Sunday and Monday parade for this year’s landmark Notting Hill Carnival.

It will add to the nationwide Windrush 75 celebrations that commemorate the 75 years since an influx of Caribbean migrants arrived to Britain on the namesake ship.

The wrap-around artwork uses an older person and two younger descendants to celebrate the lasting impact that these communities have had and continue to have over British culture since their arrival between the late ‘40’s and early ‘70s.

Each character’s clothing is a collage composed of photos from the London Transport Museum featuring key people and symbols from the Windrush generation that have helped form a key part of the vital transport network.

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Following the carnival, the bus will circulate around London in October as part of the city’s Black History Month celebrations.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has said “I’m delighted that this beautifully designed bus will tell the powerful story of the Windrush generation and their descendants, and their impact on the carnival, the transport network and all aspects of our lives.”

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“It is a fitting tribute to the Caribbean men, women and children who came to London all those years ago and have helped make our capital the greatest city in the world.” He continued.

2 million people are expected to attend the 55th edition this bank holiday weekend, alongside 40,000 volunteers and 9,000 police. Since the COVID-19 pandemic halted carnival celebrations for two years, police have responded to last year’s particularly busy crowds by trialling “safety cameras” at this year’s carnival.

[ Via the Evening Standard ]

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