​New York introduces law to prevent overdoses in clubs and venues

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Nightlife venues across New York City are due to install overdose-preventing measures following the passing of a new law.

Mayor Eric Adams called for action to curb overdoses in nightclubs and venues, and now sees a new bill, Intro 56, put in place to prevent further overdoses.

“The overdose crisis has been inflicting pain and heartache on our city for too long, so now it is time to take action,” said Adams in a press statement.

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”One of our city’s residents loses their life to an overdose every three hours,” he added. “So it is essential we use every tool in our arsenal to tackle this crisis.”

The new law comes into effect on January 11, 2023. Intro 56 promises to introduce Narcan kits to venues around the city while staff will be offered training sessions on administering the life-saving treatment.

Narcan kits are commonly used to prevent opioid overdoses, and with the current circulation of fentanyl-laced drugs in the US, could be essential to saving lives.

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“By providing Narcan kits to New York City nightlife establishments and educating staff on how to use it in the event of an overdose, we will save lives, and build a healthier, safer city for all,” says Adams.

According to a report, drug-related deaths were at an all-time high in 2021. In the space of just three months – from July to September 2021 – unintentional overdoses accounted for 709 drug-related deaths in New York City, the highest number in some two decades.

The Mayors Office have responded to this by introducing overdose prevention centres and fentanyl test sites across the city.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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