New documentary explores the European free party movement

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A new documentary, F[R]EE: Behind The Scenes Of The Free Party Movement, is exploring Europe’s free party movement.

With screenings starting this week in cinemas across the UK, the new film from Doc’n Roll gives an insight to tekno free parties including DiY and Spiral Tribe.

This new documentary featuring international contributors, including Balter and Boomtown festivals, also delves into “tabloid panic” and the expensive fees of the modern day festival.

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Showcasing the history of tekno and its growth from illegal raves, F[R]EE was filmed across the UK and several European countries covering each decade of the free party movement from 1990 onwards.

As described in a press release, this upcoming film looks at the “core ideas” of free parties, including the concept and “its evolution throughout the years, and the shift that brought Tekno into clubs and festivals.”

The synopsis reads: “Although an obscure scene, often riddled with stereotypes, F[R]EE shows how this genre exploded into the collective consciousness, reaching people of every age, race, and social class, fostering a radical counter-culture that has remained strong for over 30 years.”

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It continues: “F[R]EE explores the strong bond between Tekno and the concept of the ‘Free Party’, enlisting several key players who were present at the birth of the genre.”

Featured artists include: 69db of Spiral Tribe; Mat Weasel Busters; Chris and Aaron Liberator; photographer Molly Macindoe; Shockraver; Randy909; Narkotek crew; Astrix; and more.

Director of the documentary, Alessandro Ugo, has said that the profit he makes from the film will be donated to musicians and soundsystems.

Catch a cinema screening of the new documentary at the following locations. Get tickets here.

London, Rio Cinema – June 9
Bristol, Cube Cinema – June 11
Nottingham, Broadway Cinema – June 22
Birmingham, Mockingbird Cinema – June 27

Watch the trailer to F[R]EE: Behind The Scenes Of The Free Party Movement below.

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