New BeReal feature allows you to share your Spotify listening activity

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BeReal has teamed up with Spotify to introduce a new feature which allows users to share their listening activity.

Launching on today’s unexpected BeReal notification, the app will now include not only your front and back camera perspective but also what you are currently listening to on Spotify.

‘Friends’ on the app will be able to hear a snippet of the songs that other users are listening to.

The cover art will also be presented as well as the option to listen to the full track on the streaming service.

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Users can connect their Spotify account to BeReal via the in-app settings with the feature said to be available in regions such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and the US.

Spotify announced the news of the partnership today stating: “BeReal is designed to capture and share authentic moments in your daily life with your closest friends. Combining audio from Spotify with BeReal adds another layer of authentic personalization and connection to your BeReal.”

One of BeReal’s founding members, David Aliagas also shared the news on the app’s TikTok account explaining how to set it up.

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“From now on, if you’re listening to a song while you’re taking your BeReal, your friends are going to know what song you’re listening to”, Aliagas says.

He concludes: “So be careful as if you’re in the gym and playing Taylor Swift, your friends are going to know about it.”

It was also announced this month that the spin-off app based on The New York Times’ Wordle game, Heardle, is due to shut down less than 10 months after it was acquired by Spotify.

Heardle was obtained by Spotify in July 2022, which announced the app’s closure on May 5.

Users reported messages from Spotify earlier last week claiming that the app “has to say goodbye”.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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