Müstena Records release new compilation in support of Turkey-Syria earthquake relief

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A new 25-track compilation in support of the Turkey and Syria earthquake relief effort has been released by Istanbul’s Mütesna Records.

Made in collaboration with Ransom Note’s record label Dance Music From Planet Earth, ‘Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief Comp. Vol.1’ features tracks from artists including Eva Geist, Ahu, Alessandro Adriani, Chez De Milo, Emre Can Swim, Gilb’r, Bawrut, Human Space Machine and Duncan Gray.

A second compilation, featuring another 23 tracks will be released at a later date, with proceeds from the compilation going towards Turkey’s Bir Kira Bir Yuva and Molham Team, who are supporting the Syrian relief effort.

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In a statement, Mütesna Records wrote: “A call from Turkey and the world to all music enthusiasts!

“On February 6, 2023 Turkey and Syria were struck by two massive earthquakes (7,7 – 7,6 on the Richter Scale) in one day,” it continued.

“Since then a lot of local and global efforts have been put together to gather and transfer urgent help to the area, however these efforts are unfortunately inadequate in the face of the size of this catastrophic event.

“In a bid to help our country and its neighbours, Mütesna Records (TR) have decided to put together a relief compilation in collaboration with Ransom Note on their Dance Music From Planet Earth compilation label.

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“Music brings us all together, regardless of our geographic location. We hope that everyone falling under this roof believes in sharing beautiful collective memories, as well as tragedies.

“Please help us support the ones who believe that they are part of a global collective family so we can come together on better days.”

To purchase ‘Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief Comp. Vol.1’, visit Mütesna Records’s Bandcamp page.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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