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A weekly dose of deep, dark, hypnotic, raw and industrial techno. Sometimes I can't resist escaping from the dark and play house tracks in getting Rekt Goes House.

Growing up in the 90s in Rotterdam, one of the most influential cities in Europe as it comes to the creation of hardcore or gabber music, got me interested in music at an early age. Music was everywhere, and clubs like Parkzicht with DJ Rob and Paul Elstak were known around the globe. Everywhere in NL big events popped up attracting 10.000’s visitors. A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Thunderdome and Masters of Hardcore all started in the early 90s. At first, I could only listen to the radio and record songs from it, later on, started buying CDs and started ‘mixing’ my own compilations using SoundForge but also ripping live sets from the radio onto the computer and publishing them on the internet. Later on, I finally was old enough to go to clubs and attend those big events.

Late 90’s hardcore music started to have spin-offs. Hardstyle, Hardhouse and Hardtrance became the next big thing. My music taste also shifted. Attending new festivals like Decibel, Defqon1, Trance Energy, Qlimax and Innercity. The last one got me in touch with Techno for the first time. Sven Väth, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills had a totally different sound than I’ve heard before. This was GOOD!

Fast forward 20 years, in the middle of lockdowns I bought a DJ controller (DDJ-400) to be able to throw our own parties. Bought the complete CRDJS course to learn the ropes. Threw a couple more parties. Got into the amazing CRDJS Tribe, jumped on the Club Ready Radio initiative from the start and here I am, hosting my own weekly radio show Get Rekt.

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