Evaluate. Energise. Perform

TestedSilver is a Manchester, based DJ. Music-oriented since an early age and attracted to the diverse environments found within the dance music scene. The ability to evaluate, adapt and energise all forms of the audience has ensured he has become an extremely competent artist who provides a memorable performance each and every time. With an almost precognitive ability and almost encyclopaedic knowledge of track selection and various styles all of his DJ sets flow seamlessly from House to Techno, Electro to Mainstage.

“I find inspiration in the journey the listener is being taken on and this is where I focus when I am looking for music to play.”

With multiple successful events as a DJ, his success can be evidenced by what has already been achieved but one has to simply be in the same room as him to realise the vision and determination to succeed that is barely contained. As creator and co-host of ‘Virtual MainStage Radio Show’, and ‘TwitchDJs’ online brand and community Silvers’s unique sound brings feet to the dance floor from all around the world and entertains fans both new and old on a weekly basis.

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