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Hand-picked tracks ranging from progressive house/trance, groovy to driving/pumping sound, to beautiful melodicas and dark mystery Show time UK time: 12 AM (GMT) Show time local time: 7 PM (CST)

I grew up a normal kid but ventured off into my world of technology (computers) and electronic music. Influenced by music from movies like ‘Hackers’ whose soundtrack introduced me to even more Prodigy, BT and Underworld. Then came the Napster days when I stumbled upon live DJ sets, like Paul Oakenfold live @ gatecrasher/homelands/Creamfields 99/00 and so on. This made me aware of the scene overseas and I needed to focus on getting more live mixes! Since then, I almost became a collector of DJ sets, studios and live shows. They became my songs. I never began to know track names until years later when streaming music became the norm. Before then, if I was lucky I would get track listings from sets, but not all the time. And in those days, it wasn’t worth tracking down that one song, when I could listen to it mixed and played live in action!

Over the years, I would pick up a controller here and there, usually the AKAI MPK Mini, and try my hand at making some beats, but it never stuck with me for very long. Almost three years ago I picked up a DJ controller (wow DJ’ing became affordable??! haha) and began this journey, initially my only intent was to have fun and learn something new. Slowly I started playing around with my own MP3s and making… what I call noise lol, but the fun never dulled out! I kept going and kept upgrading – ddj-200 to the 400, 400 to the 800 then to one of my favourite controllers, the DDJ-1000. 1000 really opened my eyes to the fact that I’ve just barely touched (not even scratched) the surface of what is possible here. I kept going!
Me being the tech-nerd that I am, I just had to have the “bells n whistles” so I invested in club gear (Denon) that I felt held the most future-proof technologies in the hardware. Yes, a newbie “hobby DJ” has club gear – Yes, I’m a little crazy lol. But I wouldn’t have been happy knowing I have hardware limitations. So I went all-in on a hobby, something I’ve loved since I was a child. Fair enough. 🙂

Here I am a few years later, I can use this pro-gear with confidence and I even receive positive feedback on the stuff I create with this gear. Wow! Let’s keep going, keep pushing it, and lets see how far this can go! – This is my mindset today and a lot of it came from this course and especially the community here has been my rock.

Also today – my life consists of my work in IT (engineering) and my life with my (one day) wife. The rest of my time is consumed by Music, new tech and some video games here and there. But most of the free time I get is dedicated to my studio.

My biggest influences over the years have come from Sasha & Digweed, John 00 Fleming, and many “underground” artists from Beattunes dot com. These people have shown me the amazing things that can be done with just a couple of tracks and some gear! I try to be like them in some ways, drawing out transitions to create brand new melodies out of nowhere even if only for 10-20 seconds, making you think “oh this is a different song” when it’s really both exiting and entering tracks together, then boom, some of it leaves and the next track comes in as if it were born there. This reminds me of Sasha and Digweed’ s sets over the years. The subtle transformation of the “JOOF” sound into the deeper melodic has been amazing, and this guy’s sound selection is always my flavour and his ability to keep the music driving and pumping over and over is legendary. I strive for a similar sound and ability!

I feel I must disclose the meaning/choice behind the DJ name I chose. It’s originally the name of a track from X-Press 2 named muzikizum. One of my favourite tracks over the years and also an influence – I was listening to xpress2 live on radio 1 a very long time ago and learned they were playing on three decks each, so six in total. My jaw dropped… HOW?! Why? I thought it was sooooo cool and very interesting and just wow these guys must be amazing to pull that off. So the name of the first track I heard from them stuck with me over the years, plus it’s a palindrome, and palindromes are very neat 🙂

Whatever sound may come from me, I promise it will not contain bubble-gum. I like to think my sound and style is bit more mature and “for the educated” sounding. I love complexity and not forgetting all those little sounds going on in the back.

I hope you enjoy what I play! And I hope to come back one day and laugh at “how basic my mixes sound back then” 🙂

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