J Gruder


Northern California-based DJ who found his way behind the decks purely by coincidence.

At the beginning of 2020, one of my best friends picked up a DDJ400. For months and months, he urged me to get my own. In early 2021 he upgraded his kit, so naturally, he found an excuse to get me involved by forcing me to take the DDJ400 home one day. Begrudgingly I took it home thinking to myself, “I’ll try this thing twice and then return it.” Welp, here we are over a year later and I have my own upgraded kit, have played numerous live streams, and have a radio residency.

Like most, I draw my inspiration from quite a few different artists and genres. Eats Everything, Mele, Jamie Jones, and Saliva Commandos just to name a few. What inspires me most though is being able to play the music I want to play, the way I want to play it. Mixing tracks and genres that I feel blend well together, swapping a bass line to emphasize a track, or dropping a fresh vocal over a classic cadence. You will mostly catch me spinning deep, tech, minimal, and afro these days. Every once in a while though, you might catch some trance, techno, soul, funk, or even hip hop. Music is a journey.

The greatest thing about music is that there are no rights and wrongs. Music is a feeling, an expression, a release. Music is whatever you want it to be, whenever you need it to be.

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