Acid House

The Multiverse Show

Presented by Gouver

Be surprised at every show through a thorough selection of tunes that range across different sub-genres in the spectrum of Acid, Experimental, Techno & Beyond.

Music and arts, in general, have always been an integral part of GOUVER’s life.

During school times, he was actively involved in the performing arts, whether as a writer, actor, director, or all at the same time. It was during that time that he had his first mix-like experience by producing the soundtrack for a play at the school. He achieved that by using his 2 decks cassette player to create a mix tape with excerpts from other songs from his collection.

Music-wise, electronic music has always been amongst his favourite genres, along with Rock and Metal. Growing up in the ’90s, the most popular EDM genre in Brazil at the time was the so-called Eurodance, with artists like Corona, Aqua, and Double You.

Before getting involved with DJing, GOUVER self-learned how to play the Bass and, later on, the Drums at a music school, with which he played on some cover bands playing songs from artists like Green Day, Nirvana, and Pink Floyd.

Growing up in the countryside and later on moving to a small city, it was not so common to have DJs mixing live at parties. It was only after moving to a bigger city for going to University that he could start attending electronic music parties and raves, being that Minimal Techno and Trance were the most prominent genres at the time.

During this period, the taste for electronic music and the desire to understand how the DJs do their work started to grow in him already, but it was only after moving to Germany and living closer to its well-known awesome Techno clubs and DJs that he decided to get his first DJ equipment and start to learn it.

Nowadays, GOUVER is able to express his broad musical knowledge and his whole history of involvement with arts and different cultures via his diverse and creative mixes.

You can find him playing live at every Friday, from 16:00 to 18:00 UK time.

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