I’ve wanted to DJ on the radio for as long as I can remember, working for local hospital Radio in my teens and even building a radio studio in my bedroom. Growing up in the 80s and 90s exposed me to a wide variety of great music of all genres but it was in the late 90s that my love for dance music began. DJs seemed to be becoming superstars and I was always listening to the radio to the likes of Pete Tong, Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine.

At this time I was spending all my spare money on compilation CDs mixed by these DJs and going clubbing every weekend and making sure I went to see the big DJs when they played locally. I desperately wanted to get into DJing but it was less accessible back then with the equipment involved and buying all the records. Life carried on and along came getting married, 3 kids, houses etc I thought that dream was gone, but I saw a Pioneer DDJ200 for sale and treated myself for Christmas 2020.

Countless YOUTUBE videos were watched to try and learn some skills but I gravitated towards the Club Ready videos as I loved the teaching style and vibe. Ended up buying the course and getting involved with the Club Ready tribe and the rest is history!

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