Chris’s love of house music started in the mid-90s when he became immersed in the London Club Scene and was lucky enough to see the likes of Tony De Vit, Pete Wardman, Karim and Captain Tinrib weekly. Over the years he’s mellowed just a bit and is looking forward to playing you some Deep, Melodic, Organic house on the Midnight Lunchtime every Wednesday.

About a year ago my wife suggested I listen to a podcast ‘you should listen to this, I think you’ll like it. She’s always saying I’d like this, listen to this, listen to that. This time, this one really resonated with me, it was about the brain and making sure the brain learnt new tasks and skills as we get older. It talked about being too comfortable in our adult life and the need to continue to learn…

So after 25 years of dabbling in and wanting to but not really wanting to, buying turntables, selling turntables, buying CDJs, selling CDJs I decided to commit and really learn to DJ.

I’ve had a lot of fun and plenty of frustrations along the way, learning basic music structure and finding out that I’m not that great at counting. After a lot of practice and a lot more practice and buying a learn to DJ online course, I saw a post about a new internet streaming station. I submitted a mix ‘just to see and I’ve only gone and landed a weekly slot on the said station – club-ready radio, Wednesdays.

I’ve called the show Barefoot Beats and my aim is to play chilled, downtempo tunes that can be on in the background while you’re working or relaxing or dancing around barefoot, nothing overpowering. A far cry from the songs in my mid-20s.

It’d be great if you were able to come to check it out and say hi Wednesdays at

The pressure is now on!

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