Los Cabra in The Lab Goa

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Mixmag and Budweiser will be starting off its new Lab India series in Goa with Los Cabra.

Established as a respected artist in the electronic music scene releasing music on labels such as Rural, Stil vor Talent, Get Physical and many more, Berlin-based Los Cabra will be bringing organic soundscapes and a distinct percussive touch to The Lab Goa.

Set at the iconic bar Elephant & Co bar, Los Cabra – real name Christ Burstein – is set to throw an intimate listening experience that hovers between melodic introspection and his Latin roots.

Dedicated to maintaining artistic integrity and releasing records that reflect his current musical interests, Los Cabra strives to keep his DJ sets interesting for both himself and the crowd.

There’s no scene-dictated burrow view in his exercises, just a sharp accentuation of style, score, and complexity. An accentuation, developed since it’s educated by Afro, techno, melodic house, or even downtempo, is sufficiently progressed to constantly radiate through the inflationary trait of the class is quite unique.

Find out more about future events here, and catch the stream post-event on Tuesday, 7th Feb. Tune in over on our Facebook page and on MixmagTV

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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