Liam Mour unveils emphatic ‘Angel High’ EP

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Liam Mour has released his long-awaited EP, ‘Angel High’.

A long time coming, he shared exploratory track ‘Pure Puma’ last summer which is housed on the EP, with the three following suit and operating as a shift in his sonic perspective.

Whilst his previous works were firmly cemented in ambient and electronica soundscapes, EP ‘Angel High’ follows a club-ready direction, mindful to not lose Mour’s signature heartfelt touches.

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“The opener ‘Can’t Get U Off My Mind’ is probably the most personal track I’ve made up until now,” Mour explains on the EP. “For the track, I’ve worked with my befriended collaborator Noraa, who is an incredible singer. Her voice carries the exact emotion this song is all about.”

Follow-up ‘Angel High’ interlaces elements of industrial sounds with dark wave, upping the BPM to welcome in the energetic and already-familiar ‘Pure Puma’.

Closing track ‘Alone’ is a standout, carrying a therapeutic message, regardless of its 140 BPM stature: “During the summer months I had a heart attack as a result of a Myocarditis probably caused by a Covid infection,” Mour explains. “This completely changed my perspective and feeling for speed. It feels like time is running faster now and somehow I need to speed up my music to be able to align my emotions.

“‘Alone’ was the first track I made after the heart attack that has really calmed me down – even though it‘s in 140BPM.”

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You can get your copy of Liam Mour’s EP, ‘Angel High’, now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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