Kyiv’s ARSENAL XXII to close this month

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Kyiv-based club, ARSENAL XXII, are temporarily shutting their doors to the public, with a closing party set for October 14.

The news was announced via Instagram, although it was neither specified why the club came to this decision or for how long the closure will last. Since then, Resident Advisor has reported that it will be at least a year until the venue reopens.

The venue’s building, which is over 250 years old, used to be a weapons forge before it was converted into a club space. The team behind ARSENAL XXII, unafraid from to make a nod to its history even by name, decided that they wanted to continue “the historical purpose of these walls and thus we created a new forge.”

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In the statement the team seemed at ease with the decision and more concerned with comforting regulars of the 500-capacity venue:

“Are you shocked? Take it easy, take a breath. It was a tough decision for us to make, but now it’s necessary. We had a lot of fun together. Remember all the cool parties and just imagine the number of steps danced on our dance floor!

That’s why, to bid goodbye until we meet again, we are gathering friends for a party!”

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The tone and choice of wording suggest a comeback is on the cards, however nothing concrete has been announced as of yet.

Cold Altair, human margareeta and KAMA back-to-back Tatyana Sergeevna head up the closing party’s lineup, with the full lineup on the flyer below.

You can buy tickets for ARSENAL XXII’s closing party here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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