Kitty Amor is the subject of new documentary ‘Who’s Kitty Amor?’

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Afro house DJ and previous Mixmag Cover star Kitty Amor’s rise to worldwide stardom is chronicled in Defected Records’ new short-film, ‘Who’s Kitty Amor’.

Kitty Amor’s story as a selector starts in Nottingham, where she studied for university. Specifically Stealth, the club famed for its £1 entry Tuesday nights.

The house room at Stealth gave Kitty the chance to explore her lifelong fascination with turntables, and as she rose up the university DJ circuit she recalls a crucial gig with London tastemaker Sef Kombo.

Following up from Kombo’s headline set, she impressed him with her tasteful and fearless selection. This approval ignited a powerful partnership in the UK’s afro house scene.

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The documentary not only reflects Amor as a fierce hustler who seizes every opportunity, as verified by Kid Fonque and Simon Dunmore amongst others, but also at her most vulnerable and introspective as the DJ and producer opens up on her struggle to embrace her identity within a Christian household.

In a moving section, Kitty recalls how she felt that she could only let the world know who she truly was once she had financial security to live on her own.

While the Black music scene around her gave her a collective “hug” when she came out, her family were much more hostile in their response: to this day Kitty has no communication with her mother. For someone who is defined by their love and passion, Amor is heartbroken by her family’s refusal to accept her for who she is.

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This story does not have an unhappy ending, however, as the DJ fondly recalls her father, who had been “out of the picture” from 2009 to 2020, embracing her when she comes out as gay to him. It is a truly touching moment as she finally receives the approval she has been looking for, especially so as it is from her father, who was instrumental in her upbringing as a music lover.

Now unbothered by her relationship with mother, “I’ll take one out of two” she says, Kitty Amor boldly looks forward to a future where she is “me times 10” – celebrating her culture, gender, ethnicity and sexuality to the whole world.

‘Who’s Kitty Amor’ is available to watch here, on the Defected Records Youtube.

Tibor Heskett is Mixmag’s Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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