Kiss Nuka releases new single ‘I Love The Drive’ via Ninja Tune sublabel Ahead Of Our Time

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Mumbai-based musician and producer Kiss Nuka has just dropped her latest single ‘I Love The Drive’.

The single is accompanied by a bonus dub mix by Coldcut.

Released via Ahead Of Our Time, this partnership came about after Ninja Tune co-founder Matt Black, one half of Coldcut, was present at Kiss Nuka’s debut live set at Mixmag and Breezer’s The Lab Goa, which featured the track.

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Nuka retells the story in her own words: “Earlier this year in March, Mixmag Lab Goa was where I debuted my electronic live set, and also where I met Matt Black. Now I am releasing I Love The Drive on Matt’s label, and it feels we have come a full circle.”

She adds: “Showcasing Indian artists to the world, the support from Mixmag for has been great, considering how the scene has been booming in the last years with the true passion of our promoters and venues across the board to bring back on-ground gigs.

“Sandunes is going on tour now, Film, Dualist Enquiry, and EZ Riser had such great releases this year, the festivals are back in action after 2 years. I’m pumped!”

Matt Black said: “Since the Big Chill Goa in 2008 and inspired by my partner Mumbaikar Dinaz Stafford, I’ve been fascinated with the future-facing Indian music scene and its electronic evolution. Kiss Nuka represents a new wave of this excitement and we hope to collaborate, channel and support it further.”

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Nuka’s last release was the single ‘Dakini’, featuring her younger brother Rākhis, back in November which saw her blend drum ‘n’ bass with guitars

Kiss Nuka has also recently been announced to perform at Magnetic Fields festival in Rajasthan, India with other names including Four Tet, Ben UFO, Chloé Robinson, SHERELLE, Jossy Mitsu and more.

Watch Kiss Nuka’s set in The Lab Goa and check out her new single ‘I Love The Drive’ below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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