Kenzie TTH shares self-directed video for ‘Robin Hood’ taken from latest EP

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Kenzie TTH has shared her self-directed video for single ‘Robin Hood’ taken from her latest EP, ‘We Stayed Too Long’.

The track explores growing pains, friendship, camaraderie and naive optimism that exists when you’re starting out in life, with the video being entirely creatively controlled by Kenzie.

Tongue-in-cheek, the narrative evolves as an act of Kenzie going to visit a friend and the comical journey of reaching there:

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“It [‘Robin Hood’] was written about a time when everything was exciting and nothing felt certain except the idea that I wasn’t alone in my feelings of uncertainty,” Kenzie explains. “There was this super naive blind faith that everything was going to work out, because it just had to. It plays out sort of just like a day in my life a few years back, going to meet a friend who’s in town to catch up about how we are, who’s doing what, where we’re going and usually why things aren’t panning out the way we thought they might.

She also elaborates on the concept of the video: “It speaks to how I felt during a very specific time in my life: always a little out of place wherever I went, no real plans or expectations, just getting into things for the story rather than the outcome — just getting by.

“I’ve been the friend showing up to dinner an hour late, soaking wet, wearing someone else’s watch and clumsily trying to explain what had happened figuratively, but also probably literally.”

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Withholding full control of all aspects of her output is a key theme within Kenzie TTH’s work, with her eagerness to collaborate with peers who understand her vision vital. And away from music, she explores other creative avenues – again, entirely under her own rules – such as co-founding platform Sick Sad Girlz and producing her own BBYTTH magazine.

You can watch the video for ‘Robin Hood’ above, and check out the full EP, ‘We Stayed Too Long’, here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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