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Can you talk us through the concept behind your ‘Pleasuredome’ series?

It’s an expression of my inner universe. Passion, dreams and fantasies, a deep dark and sexy energy and the bloody truth of everything.

Fast Forward has been on the road this summer — with parties at London’s FOLD, Tbilisi’s Bassiani and Brussels’ Fuse. How has it been to be taking FF to different cities? Are you proud of what it’s become?

Honestly, it’s always a huge pleasure to play when we’re a bigger group from Fast Forward turning up to a play a party. There are some strong friendships within the collective and I think we can really create some beautiful memories together as a team. I’m proud of what it’s become and I’m excited to see it grow and develop in the future. Big thanks to my agent Anders for keeping it all together and running the Fast Forward agency like a boss.

How do you prepare for your sets? Is there a bit of “quiet before the storm” or do you amp yourself up?

It’s giving quiet before the storm these days, drinking way less and generally staying healthy. If I’m playing in a city where I have a lot of friends like Berlin or NYC, I will definitely go out and party and I’m also likely to stick around after my set or go to the afters — although it really depends on the situation and how busy I am.

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You’re also a tattoo artist right? Are there any parallels for you in creating music and visual art?

Definitely, visual art has always been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember; it comes from the same place as music. It’s always important for me to be involved in the artwork for my releases and the future will see more releases where I’ve created the artwork myself or in collaboration with someone. Tattooing was never a full-time thing for me, but I’ve been doing it for many years. I basically just started because we were too young and broke to get professional tattoos, so some friends and I learned to do it ourselves — but, now it’s just a part of my life.

What’s coming up next for you?

There’s a lot coming up, I’m going through a lot of emotions and personal changes right now — it’s exciting but also scary and a little too intense sometimes. The biggest thing is that I’m planning to move to New York in a year, so I’m mentally and practically preparing for that; I’m manifesting it hard. Musically, I have some releases in the works for some of my favourite labels, working on curating a compilation for the premiere of my own label — which is finally happening — and just playing a lot of gigs worldwide.

Can you tell us about this mix?

It’s a representation of my current state of mind, emotionally and creatively. I think it’s also marking a change in energy for me, a change that’s been happening out of my control lately. There’s been some crazy, chaotic energy in my sets recently and I can’t explain why. Somehow it all makes sense though, and I hope you’ll enjoy the vibes. I think it’s all about connections and love in the end.

‘Apocalyptic Decadance’ is out on Instruments of Discipline now, buy it here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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