Human Artistry Campaign launch coalition for ethical use of AI with “creators in mind”

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A new coalition has been launched by the Human Artistry Campaign urging that artificial intelligence consider “creators’ interests”.

Announced during a panel at South by Southwest (SXSW), Texas, the coalition is broken down into seven key principles and backed by music and entertainment industries including the Recording Industry Association of America, the Recording Academy, the Music Artist Coalition and more.

Titled the ‘Core Principles for Artificial Intelligence Applications in Support of Human Creativity and Accomplishments’, the points largely cover the complicated copyright issues around AI using or replicating artists’ work.

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The coalition of over 40 industries representing not only musicians but also athletes, writers and more is wants AI to require permission from copyright owners and be subject to free-market licensing out of “respect for artists, their work, and their personas; transparency; and adherence to existing law including copyright and intellectual property.”

Aiming to protect “human creativity”, the Human Artistry Campaign explains: “As new technologies emerge and enter such central aspects of our existence, it must be done responsibly and with respect for the irreplaceable artists, performers, and creatives who have shaped our history and will chart the next chapters of human experience.”

Black Music Action Coalition co-founder and co-Chair Willie “Prophet” Stiggers says: “Black songwriters, producers, and artists already face an uphill battle for ownership, credit, and proper payment in the music industry. Although AI can be an incredible tool, without the protection of real human artistry AI could devastate the Black creative community that leads so much of popular culture.”

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Also commenting on the coalition, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr who explains: “There is so much potential with AI. But it also presents risks to our creative community. It’s crucial that we get this right early on so we don’t risk losing the artistic magic that only humans can create.”

Read the full Core Principles for Artificial Intelligence Applications in Support of Human Creativity and Accomplishments here or check out the summary below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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