Holidaymakers warned of potential jail time and £80,000 fines for excessive drinking on flights

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New campaign, One Too Many, is warning holidaymakers of the consequences of excessive drinking on flights — with lifetime bans, fines of up to £80,000 and even jail time, being handed out to those who disrupt air travel.

The new campaign, running from July 10 – September 1, is a joint venture between the UKTRF, AOA, Airlines UK and ITATA, with the aim to curb alcohol-induced disruption on airlines.

The campaign encourages passengers to behave appropriately on aircrafts, with emphasis on the risk of being held personally responsible through jail time or fines up to a staggering £80,000.

Other risks include a lifetime flying ban with the carrier if the passengers behaviour causes a flight cancellation, or being denied boarding and losing a holiday.

Although there have been no unexpected increases in the amount of flight disruptions since covid related bans were lifted (according to Mandatory Occurrence Reports) — the campaign notes that for many, this summer will likely be the first post-pandemic international holiday they are going on. It warns passengers to continue behaving appropriately.

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The campaign began in 2018, with support from Government sectors like the Department for Transport and the Home Office , who described the service as “invaluable in promoting awareness to passengers”.

Passengers will also receive fact checking “Did You Know?” style alerts to remind them of airside rules such as being restricted from opening duty free purchases before they get to their destinations.

Nigel Keal of the UKTRF (the UK Travel Retail Forum) said:

“UKTRF and its campaign partners have been clear for many years – there is no room for disruptive behaviour of any form when travelling. The issue has long been one of our industry’s highest priorities, as we have a duty to help protect passengers, customers, and the many staff members that help keep travellers safe at all stages of their journey.

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He continued that “Our message to passengers is to enjoy their travel, behave responsibly, and not to ruin their holiday, or the holidays of others. The consequences of disruptive behaviour while travelling are very serious, and could stop you from travelling for years to come.”

This year’s airport traffic levels are expected to reach 100% of the post pandemic level. The campaign aims to raise awareness through mobile push reminders and eye-catching black and yellow graphics in airside stores, departure boards and social media channels.

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Baroness Vere, the aviation minister said

“We take a zero-tolerance approach towards disruptive behaviour, and we are committed to ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all passengers, as well as protecting our hardworking staff.

I am pleased to see the relaunch of this collaborative campaign from industry – it serves as an important reminder that for all those flying: engaging in such behaviour has serious consequences from jail time to a hefty fine. So, let’s all work together to keep our skies friendly and enjoyable for everyone.”

One Too Many signs will remain year round, while the Instagram and Facebook ads will remain in national airports until September 1.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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