Hannah Holland releases grungey new EP, ‘Beats Aesthetic’

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Hannah Holland has shared her new EP, ‘Beats Aesthetic’.

The record is an amalgamation of personal influences to the mainstay of the London queer scene, with references to 90s rave, cinema scores and deconstructed beats to name a few.

Added with samples from iconic figureheads, the four-tracker displays the breadth of the musician’s cultural and sonic knowledge, having recently started soundtracking work alongside her mainstay of love for the dancefloor.

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“This EP is a collection of tracks that encompass a few different sides of my work, all with a cinematic edge,” Holland explains. “Both ‘Lucid H’ and ‘Shadow Work’ are the more film score, experimental side of what I’ve been writing; both tracks have been used in different ways to picture and somehow fit together as a thread in this collection. Mainly through the collaboration with experimental string player Raven Bush, who I worked with on my last album and also on my upcoming album, this work straddles both.

“As with a lot of my music, I pepper them with samples of my idols, in this case the 70s New York punk writer Kathy Acker on ‘Shadow Work’. ‘Beats Aesthetic’ samples Andy Warhol factory star Candy Darling, plus a secret vocal from an artist I collaborate with often.

“With ‘Beats Aesthetic’ I wanted to create a dirty little basement banger, imaging being on an east end club crawl, on an epic night out, probably in the mid 00s. ‘Lucid H’ is more of a gentle piece, the lighter side to ‘H Rhythm’, which is a breakbeat euphoric dreamy moment, again with Raven’s beautiful strings. ‘Shadow Work’ is more of a sound design piece, which works nicely in more experimental settings. A varied collection, reflecting the kind of artist I am and what I’m influenced by.”

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Hannah Holland – ‘Beats Aesthetic’ is available now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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