​Gold Panda announces first new album in six years, ‘The Work’

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Gold Panda has announced his first full-length record in over six years, due for release this coming November.

The Work’ is an 11-track LP coming out on November 11 via Berlin’s City Slang which promises to be some of Gold Panda’s most introspective work to date.

Announcing the record this month, Gold Panda (AKA Derwin Dicker) told fans: “I made [‘The Work’] over the last year at home in my temporary studio which was supposed to be the living room, while um, building my actual studio.

I Feel Better (Than I Do Now)’, which dropped earlier this year, was the first teaser for the forthcoming record which was shortly followed by a remix from Daniel Avery in August.

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The next album will be a follow-up to Dicker’s 2016-released ‘Good Luck and Do Your Best’, with many personal moments threaded throughout.

“‘The Work’ is something that’s used in my therapy a lot, and I hear it a lot in self-care and books about mental health – the work on yourself, basically,” he says on the new record.

“When my first daughter was born I found that transition really hard from not being the only person to look after – just taking caring of myself, not having time to do anything and managing my time, so I had to work on that too: there are loads of things the work can be about.

“I never thought I’d be happy in my 40s, but I think also becoming 40 helped me be able to realise the things I like doing and am comfortable doing, not doing what other people might expect me to do,” he says. “I think a lot of the tunes don’t go where you expect. There’s a lot of changes, and a lot of stuff going on.”

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The second track Gold Panda’s next album, ‘The Corner’, is out now. Listen to it and find the tracklist for ‘The Work’ below.

‘The Work’ Tracklist:

1. Swimmer
2. The Dream
3. The Corner
4. The Want
5. I’ve Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
6. Plastic Future
7. New Days
8. The Spiral
9. Arima
10. Chrome
11. Joni’s Room

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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