​FOLD unveils season three of experimental art series Futur.Shock

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East London venue FOLD has announced the third instalment of its experimental art series Futur.Shock, kicking off next month on September 28.

Titled ‘Another Day Of Gravity’, the next season takes place over three dates – or chapters – across six months at the Canning Town club.

The theme this season deals with “collective melancholy” in relation to anxiety, stress, and over-stimulation in the modern world, exploring mental health, intimacy, sexuality, and more.

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Artists featured in the forthcoming season include Josh Woolford, Mellowdramatics, Leask, Malthus, Oscar King & Lesya Tyminska, and SWARM & Karolina Magnusson Murray.

The first event, ‘Mad Matter’, debuts on September 28 explores political struggles, depression, and neurological disorders referencing a book by Darian Leader.

An extract from the book relating to the first instalment reads: “Much of what is today labelled depression could be understood as old-fashioned hysteria, in the sense of a refusal of current forms of mastery & domination.”

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The second chapter, ‘Different Ways to Fuck, or Be Fucked’, will be shown on November 30 programmed by Erkan Affan exploring how “power and practice are navigated in contemporary art and its surrounding discourse.”

‘Touch Me Free’, the final chapter in volume one of this season, takes place on January 25 in collaboration with the London Short Film Festival looking at sexuality, intimacy, and physical contact.

Volume two of season three will be announced later this year, debuting in February 2024. Find out more about Futur.Shock season three here, and check out the poster below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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