​Fatboy Slim says he “regrets” meeting David Bowie

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In an open interview with Kevin Bishop at Brighton Beach House, Fatboy Slim – AKA Norman Cook – spoke about the time he crossed paths with David Bowie.

According to The Argus, Cook revealed that he met the Starman at the afterparty of a private gig, in which he’d been invited by Bowie’s tour managers at the height of Cook’s fame.

During the interview, Bishop asked: “Is there anyone you think, ‘I wish I’d never met him’?”, to which Cook responded: “Well there is one. It’s David Bowie.”

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“I had a few drinks, by the way,” he explained to the crowd at the interview, recounting the first time they met. “[I asked], ‘one Bromley boy to another, can I have a fag off you?”.

Cook then explains that the late musician looked at him expressionlessly and handed him a cigarette, before continuing his conversation with another person. “I’m Fatboy Slim, by the way,” he allegedly told Bowie, who replied: “yeah, I know”.

The gig had been set up as a warm-up for Bowie’s live tour and saw artists including Mick Jagger invited to watch, who was seated in the same box as Cook on the night, according to the DJ.

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Although Cook addressed that Bowie was “perfectly civil” and that there were no hard feelings, he told the crowds: “I just felt deflated”. He added that the Starman seemed “unimpressed” by him.

Cook went on to add: “Most of the people who you love are lovely really and the bigger they are the lovelier they tend to be, they don’t need to prove their ego or that they’re cleverer than you. The big ones are just really nice people.”

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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