Fans suspect Frank Ocean has been uploading old music to Spotify under alias

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A mysterious Spotify account, which fans believe to be Frank Ocean under a secret moniker, has been uploading some of his old music onto the streaming platform.

The user blondead has so far uploaded three Ocean fan favourites from his massive 2010, 70-track compilation ‘The Lonny Breaux Collection’.

So far, tracks ‘miss you so’, ‘bedtime story’ and ‘sucka for love’ are available to stream from the artist page, with the account even receiving a verified “blue tick”.

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The songs correspond to ‘Miss You So’, ‘Bedtime Story’ and ‘Sucka for Love (Alternate Version)’.

One fan, who spotted the account wrote on Twitter: “how did i not clock frank ocean been uploading old music on spotify under a different moniker.”

Frank Ocean’s official Spotify account currently only has a select portion of his discography on the platform – featuring major studio albums ‘Blonde’ and ‘channel ORANGE’ – but older works such as ‘The Lonny Breaux Collection’ and ‘nostalgia, ULTRA’ are not officially available to stream.

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Another fan wrote: “Oh my GOD sucka for for love is finally on Sportify – Frank is hilarious for n this – not Blondead.”

In October, Ocean announced that he was starting a new weekly radio show on Apple Music 1, Homer Radio.

Airing each week on Thursdays at 10:PM (ET), the show is a glimpse into the music played “after-hours” at the office for his Homer brand. Since its first broadcasts, guests have included rRoxymore, Crystallmess, livwutang and Nick León.

In a description for the show, Ocean wrote: “Twin towering line array speakers hold court. Someone’s vacuuming the carpets adding a distant layer of white noise to the sound.

“Media volleys across short distances quickly on the net as Sorkin-like walk and talks travel down the hallways further and further from the sound,” he continued.

“This is Homer Radio. An office soundtrack.”

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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