Explore the notion of ‘Artificial Realness’ with Jaymie Silk in his new EP

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Jaymie Silk has shared his latest EP, ‘Artificial Realness’, in which he has taken advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to curate soundscapes found on the five tracks of the record.

The artist never anticipated to use the software to help form his tunes; however having unintentionally discovered its potential, and since reading the Recording Industry Association of America’s 2022 claim that AI Music Generators will “kill” the music industry, Silk aimed for his EP to provide a statement about what music could be in the near future.

Alongside the original tracks, there is a remix on offer by Brodinski and Modulaw.

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“This is the first project in dance music to use artificial intelligence instead of human vocalists,” Silk explains to Mixmag. “This is what the future of music could look like. As I was tired of seeing the barriers between different styles, I decided to create a more inclusive one. This is not rave music, this not club music, this is rub music.

“I had no plan to use this technology at the start. I did not know that it was possible to do so, and I stumbled upon it by chance. Even though it’s just the beginning for AI, in what it’s capable of, I knew that something had to be done. For me, in art, the process is always more important than the result.

“I love the track ‘Artificial Realness’, the way I managed to twist the vocals; it really seems The Weeknd is singing on the track. ‘Mechanical Birds’ is certainly my favourite though: another genre, more immersive. With the kid telling a poem I made, you can’t tell that’s not a human speaking.”

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“Even if you can hear Tupac, Kendrick Lamar or The Weeknd’s voices on this EP, the thing is that none of the words you can hear on the tracks of this project were spoken by these people – at least in their human form.”

Jaymie Silk’s latest EP, ‘Artificial Realness’, is available now. Check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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