Electronic music is the most popular genre at UK festivals, report reveals

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Electronic music has become the most popular genre at UK festivals as revealed in a new report from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

The results show that 29% of artists performing at UK festivals are electronic music artists with rock at 22% and pop at 21%.

Electronic music has also become the second most popular genre in the UK overtaking hip-hop and sitting just behind pop music.

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UK festivals also saw 2.4m people attend within the last 12 months with 67% of these festivals electronic music orientated.

Combining the areas that the genre spreads, from nightclubs, festivals and concerts, the UK economy has benefited from £2.6 billion from electronic music.

Data also shows that since the pandemic 29.3% of UK nightclubs have closed which totals 365 clubs.

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This NTIA report has created figures around the benefits of the electronic music industry to the UK with a goal to “bring electronic music out of the shadows and into the spotlight, to showcase its impact on the UK economy and culture, and to inspire action to support its continued growth and success.”

The NTIA suggest that the Government should appoint a nationwide nighttime economy adviser.

Read the full report from NTIA here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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