​Drum ‘n’ bass DJ Commix accused of conning production students

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Drum ‘n’ bass DJ and producer Commix has been accused of defrauding a number of students who enrolled into his production workshops, allegedly owing more than £9,000 in fees.

Commix, real name George Levings, was accused of owing £9,299 in unfulfilled lessons to 25 students who signed up to learn new skills in music production through Bear Music Tuition, a tutoring service headed up by Levings.

In June, a post appeared on drum ‘n’ bass forum Dogs On Acid claiming that, out of 110 mentees, 25 had come forward about unfulfilled lessons, some of whom paid up to £800.

“25 people have come forward stating the same issues with the course and George (Commix),” the post reads. “There may be more people that are also owed money and lessons, but they may have simply given up any hope of receiving a refund/lessons.”

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A chart was shared alongside the post showing how much each student allegedly paid, and how many hours in lessons they received in return. According to the post, a total of 237 hours in lessons have not been actualised.

“Between the 25 people that have booked lessons with Bear Music/George(Commix), they have all shared the same experiences with George continually letting down his students by simply not showing up to booked lessons,” the post continues.

According to the post, these issues have been ongoing “for as long as three years”, and claims that when requesting refunds, students are told they can’t do so as “too much time has passed”.

A list of reasons Commix has allegedly given to students for unfulfilled lessons includes struggles with depression, moving house, a breakup, the passing of a family member, a bike crash that ended in hospitalisation, train strikes, scheduling issues, and festival or club bookings.

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“During these 3 years, we have been told multiple times how the booking system is being improved, how his sister is now helping, and how he will be clearing the lessons owed,” the post claims. “Yet he continues to not show up to lessons and the same issues persist.”

As of June, Commix continued to take on new students and was recieving payments for further lessons, the post claims. Speaking to Resident Advisor, the person behind the Dogs On Acid post, Spencer Lievens, explained that he’s “just out to stop this happening to more people”.

“There are people I’ve spoken to who’ve left the drum & bass scene because of this,” he claimed, adding that these issues have gone on for more than four years. “There are a lot of young guys who massively looked up to him who he’s then totally ripped off.”

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Mixmag has reached out to George Levings for comment.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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