DJ_Dave unveils debut EP, ‘Intercell’

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Live code artist and producer DJ_Dave has shared her debut EP, ‘Intercell’.

All created using code – known as algorave – and her own vocals and writing, the record features five dancefloor-primed tracks.

Accompanying each track is a visualiser, created in collaboration with visual code artists Andy Rolfes and Char Stiles, intended to model an immersive digital universe identifiable to its track.

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You can check out the visualiser for lead single ‘Bloom’ below:

“‘Bloom’ is about feeling really confident in yourself and your talents and capabilities most of the time, but inevitably encountering a person or people who make you feel unworthy of confidence,” DJ_Dave tells Mixmag. “It’s about specific times from before I was an artist where I never felt cool enough to be around certain people that I wanted to be around, whether it was because they were in the arts or they were more popular than me or they just were able to make me feel smaller than them. These people made me want to change myself to be more like them and forget all the reasons why I felt special as myself, but ‘Bloom’ is my reminder that I always believed in myself for a reason.”

“‘Intercell’ is an entirely self-produced and performed project that emphasises live-coding as an essential part of my production process,” she continues on the album. “As my debut project, it was important to me to have prominent live-coded elements in the forefront of my sound and also let the randomness of the code inform the outcome of the music.

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“The meaning of Intercell breaks down to ‘Inter’ meaning within, and ‘cell’ which represents the greater live-code community in which I exist. This project is a look into my own process, but also an introduction for many into the entire art of live-coding.”

DJ_Dave – ‘Intercell’ is available now, check it out here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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