​DJ Deeon releases four EPs in two days

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Over the weekend, Chicago house legend DJ Deeon surprise-released four brand new records over the course of two days.

The first of four new EPs, titled ‘BAD ROBOT’, landed on Friday, May 5, spanning four tracks, kicking off a surprise string of releases over the next 48 hours.

A five-track release landed the following day on the producer’s Bandcamp titled ‘GLASGOW TO LONDON’, followed by ‘MY CPU’ and ‘SPACE AGE DIGITAL PIMP’ in the hours after.

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Each record exceeded its last in length, with the final of the four releases ‘SPACE AGE DIGITAL PIMP’ bringing nine new tracks to DJ Deeon’s discography.

Collectively, the records total 25 new tracks and span genres including Chicago house and the producer’s distinct ghetto house sound.

DJ Deeon first pioneered the sound of ghetto house in the ‘90s alongside fellow Chicago house producers. His last record, ‘Southside Shakedown’, landed in February this year in collaboration with DJ RBR.

Over the years, he’s released a series of dancefloor classics including ‘Bomb 96’, ‘Freak Like Me’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Back 2 Skool’ and ‘House-o-matic’ through Chicago label Dance Mania.

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Last year, DJ Deeon was hospitalised and placed in the ICU following an amputation, a battle with pneumonia, and heart infection. He asked fans to send their prayers as he remained in hospital.

A GoFundMe page was set up in response to him falling ill with a goal of $5,000. All money raised went towards DJ Deeon’s recovery, treatment, and physical therapy.

The fundraiser’s organiser explained: “As some of you may know our beloved Deebo is back in the hospital. We have been given permission from him to ask everyone for some help.”

Check out all four new releases from DJ Deeon here.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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