Cosmic Pineapple shares lineup for second event of the summer at Pikes Ibiza

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Cosmic Pineapple has announced the line-up for its second instalment of the summer, taking place at Pikes Ibiza on June 29.

Music will stretch between 4pm and 4am, with names including Dan Ghenacia, Anthony Middleton of Audiofly, Ashique Ali, Xx Isis xX, Quantum Disco and more on the billing across the twelve hours.

The event is dubbed a “12-hour mini festival of music and magic”, not restricted to offering only music. Signature to Cosmic Pineapple, there will be a multitude of other activities for attendees to engage in, such as exploring the creative market stalls, partaking in crystal sound healing and immersing amongst the healing garden which offers massage, energy work, live art and more.

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A special addition for the forthcoming event will stretch across four hours of the night. Between 6pm and 10pm, attendees can visit collaborative art project ‘ALPHA WAVE EXPERIENCE’, headed by Dan Ghenacia. It provokes viewers to “explore and expand your experience of consciousness with this multi-sensory artwork that lies at the intersection of contemporary art, musical composition, and sound environment”.

This year’s theme for the monthly installments of the wellness-meets-music event is Cosmic Egg. Based on ancient creation myths and “how we all birth a new reality together”, the theme welcomes the interlacing of music, learning, healing, creativity, fun and laughter, embracing new beginnings.

β€œThe cosmic egg is a powerful symbol of the creative force that brings the universe into being,” explains founder Kim Booth. It represents the beginning of all life and the infinite possibilities that exist within the universe. It is a reminder that everything in the universe is interconnected and that all things are ultimately one. The egg is depicted as floating in the waters of creation, waiting to be hatched or broken open to unleash the forces of creation.”

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Cosmic Pineapple launched the 2023 season last month, with DJ Boring heading the bill. Following its next event on June 29, future events will take place on July 26, September 28 and October 11.

All Cosmic Pineapple events ask for a charity donation on the door, with June’s proceeds going to Creatives for the Planet and Ocean Clean Up Project. All information about this can be found on its social media.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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