Coatie Pop remixes Summore’s ‘Magic Pill’, shares artistic visualiser

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New York City’s Coatie Pop have shared their remix of Summore‘s ‘Magic Pill’.

Accompanied by a tripped-out mini music video, the remix takes Summore’s chilled-out synthwave original and transforms it into a dancefloor-ready cut drawing upon soundscapes of electro and acid house.

“When we heard this original track we were quickly vibing,” explains Mrs Watkins, one half of the duo. “I danced around my living room captivated by the lyrics, the mood and the melody, especially the badass drop into the key change bassline.

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“Summore asked us to choose a song from their resonating new album to remix and we knew that this was the one. When it comes to electronic music atmospheres, we’re ravers at heart. We’ve been wanting to make something that could reach beyond the darkwave world our previous dance tracks have tied us into, towards something you might hear somewhere a bit more colourful. With this opportunity, we could truly tie them together.”

Having written their first album – influenced by triphop, slowcore, dream pop and post-punk – during the pandemic, Coatie Pop shifted into their current musical era post-pandemic, beginning to attend raves again as an adult.

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“We love raves, but have found it so easy to get lost in the intensity of them and fall into chaos.” Mrs Watkinds continues. “Sometimes when I’m not feeling it I’ll step outside with my own headphones and listen to the most sadcore music I can find. Then, I can go back in and dance all night to the techno. Some truly sad music, something to reach people in that spot: that is what we think raves need more of. And after you’ve been there…. we hope this remix is just the ‘Magic Pill’ you need.”

‘Magic Pill’ (Coatie Pop remix) is available now, check it out here or the visualiser below.

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Written by: Tim Hopkins

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