Catching Up With Infected Mushroom


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Q – Where are you in the world right now?
Sitting in the calmness of the storm’s eye. The kids are at school, the wife is at work. All is right with the universe.
Q – What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?
Just returned home from a killer sold out show at Showbox in Seattle, which is the birthplace of Starbucks in the Northwest United States.
Q – 2022 marked 25 years of Infected Mushroom so, What does it mean to you both to have made it to this milestone together after all these years?
The last quarter century has been a whirlwind, one for which we are very grateful. We have evolved not only artistically, but also as human beings. Our passion for music has brought us around the world, which has filled us with memorable experiences, cherished friendships, and constant inspiration.
Q – What is one life philosophy or mantra you like to live by?
Dream big and don’t be afraid to fail.
Q – How does the Infected Mushroom experience, set and atmosphere differ between a live band show and a DJ set?
They are two different beasts. The live set is a full band with me [Duvdev] on vocals, Erez Eisen on keyboards, Rogerio Jardim drumming, and Joseph Mizrahi shredding the guitar. It’s an explosive electronic rock performance. When we DJ, there is no band, but the energy level is 100% and we are able to play some fan favourites that don’t get played with the band. We have really been enjoying playing both set types in each show during our American leg of the IM25 tour.
Q – Is there a venue or city you’ve yet to play that you really want to?
Now that Dubai and Israel have a nice relationship, it would be cool to visit that city. We have never been, and many of our friends have been visiting there lately.
Q – What projects do you have coming up in 2023?
The journey continues… More productions, collaborations, and touring.

Q – What are you most excited about playing in the Box at London’s most iconic venue, Ministry of Sound?
We love our London fans, and playing this legendary venue with its awesome sound and top-notch production is always such a pleasure for us. Counting the days to be back with you!
Q – Finally… What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 7th April? Will you be playing any new music?
Yes, we will be playing some new jams that have been crushing dancefloors lately, along with favourites from back in the day. What songs are you itching to you want to hear? Let us know on our Socials! We are ready to make the people jump. See you in April.

Written by: Tim Hopkins

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